Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Justin!!!!!

On Feb 7th Justin and I celebrated his 24th birthday! First of all, we would like to say thanks for all the birthday wishes! Second of all, we started off the day by going to work early in the morning, poor guy. Then we came home made lunch and played one of Justin's favorite xbox games, Ultimate Alliance. Then he went to work out while I got started on his birthday dinner. This is what he wanted......

Bacon cheese burgers with potato wedges. But wait there is a twist. He wanted to try putting the cheese in the burger patty and then grill it. This is how it turned out.....
                   It was soooo good! We are having them again for Valentine's Day!
                                           Needless to say he really liked them. :)
Then he opened his presents. Soul Calibur II (his other favorite xbox game) from me and a speed chute and jump rope (something he has really wanted for a long time) from mom (thanks mom. He has used them everyday since). He was a happy boy!
Then we had cake (yellow with chocolate icing) Noelle and Ryan and with his best friend Leo and his wife Sarah. It was fun and tasty! He had a great day full of fun and tasty treats! I feel so lucky to have him in my life and it was fun to celebrate his birthday with him! Love ya babe!


  1. Those burgers DO look good! Great idea! Yum Yum! Happy Birthday!! Can't wait to pary with you guys in April all the time! :) -Jessi

  2. Happy BDAY Jdawg! We love you! And we want to eat your boogers! Oh, I meant burgers.